Project: “Living Geometry III”

Artwork details:

Diptych 96in/48in.
Two Sides Installation (reversible) consisting in two panels.
Side A: Vine charcoal drawing on acid free paper glued on wood forms overlaid with dry pigment interventions.
Side B: White Pastel on Black gesso with dry pigment.


In process.

This art piece has two (reversible) sides. An installation meant to be presented as a free standing panel – a division of a given architectural space.

In a true contemporary approach there are two phases – the building and the deconstruction. Phase one is a large dimensions drawings (8 feet long) of a very little vegetal element – in this case a cardamom seed ( barely 0.5 inches long). Micro-macro.

On Side A the construction phase is a colossal drawing realized with vine charcoal on acid free paper glued on wood.

On Side B (seen below) same drawing was don in reverse technique with white dry pastel on a black gesso surface.

Side B. The drawing phase. White dry pastel on gesso

The clever eye will certainly realize that the (apparent) academic drawing is, in fact, an abstraction. Employing the essential help of the subconscious self in true expressionist manner, the drawing is a laborious process of absorption/gestation/birth of the reality. At a closer look one can observe that on the surface lie a multitude of elemental forms (figured as simple triangles of different shades of grey) which the viewers will instantly recompose in their minds as a complex tridimensional object.

Second phase is the deconstruction of this re-created reality. Using different methods of applications (hence monotype stamping, scraping etc.) a sum of industrial inspired forms are applied in acrylic on top of the drawings. The idea is to observe this ongoing struggle that lies at the edge between the natural and the man made worlds.

Side A.
Side B.

As a post-constructivist element, the panels have, symbolically, a missing space in between them, a suggestion of a possible liaison portal in between these two apparently incompatible worlds.

Side B. Finished (in context).
Side A. Finished (in context).

Complex geometries, multi dimensional space, entropic destruction and rebirth, hope, are concepts that the viewer can contemplate while in the presence of this contemporary installation.

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