The Artist?


2023 – Drawing Biennial, Fine Art Museum, Mont St-Hilaire, Canada

2022 – ARTBOX.PROJECT World 2, Urban Side Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2022 – Venetia Biennale Artbox Center, Venice, Italy

2021  – “Fire and Wind”, VAN DER PLAS Gallery, New York

The Artist

Biome is a contemporary art creator based in Montreal, Canada exploring different figurative expressionism avenues with applications in large size drawing, multimedia and installations.

By his real name Costin Tuta he started his artistic career very early in life. At 15 years old he is accepted by the prestigious Art College N. Tonitza and later on admitted in the National Academy of Fine Art in Bucharest, which he finishes first in year of promotion, Magna Cum Laudes in 1999. During the following years he completes a Masters Degree in Fine Arts, in the same institution.

Academic drawing fundamentals define the style of the artist. The drawing, morphed in an abstract form of reflecting reality, defines the backbone of every piece created by the artist (now working under the pseudonym Bi0me – a subtle allusion to the sum of the organic micro and macro entities who shape our human form and constient). Colorful, abstract geometric elements come to pollute this monochromatic world, overlaying the initial drawing and maybe somehow ripping it apart. Sometimes the invasive elements go beyond the “frame” reaching outside the conventional painting space, in surprising installations. 

The germination, the entropy, the mechanical rapture, multidimensionality of space, are just several concepts that fascinate the artist.