Project: “Living Geometry I”

Artwork details:

Diptych 60in/60in.
Two panel installation (Willow and Vine charcoal drawing on acid free paper glued on wood forms overlaid with acrylic interventions).


Final Piece

The drawing phase

The artistic process for this artwork includes two stages.

First stage consisted in a large dimension charcoal drawing on paper glued on wood. Beyond the academic study, the synthesis, an abstraction in itself, reduced to the simplest forms of the artistic language: dot, line, field.

Second phase is the deconstruction of this living reality by adding geometric forms – in this case, abstract forms inspired by the multidimensional (the Calabi-Yau theoretical manifold shape) completed in acrylic paint.

Complex geometries, multi dimensional space, entropic destruction and rebirth are concepts that the viewer can contemplate while in the presence of this piece of art.

“Living Geometry I”, Montreal 2022