Project: “Living Geometry 217”

Artwork details:

30in/40in. Charcoal on acid free cotton paper glued to wood panel. Epoxy resin overlay.

[finished project]

It starts with an academic drawing. Nevertheless, expressionist in essence, the drawing is a reflection of a subtle, subconscious world – becoming abstraction reduced to the simplest forms of the artistic language: dot, line, field (usually simplified to a sum of triangles).

Final artwork. 3D view.

An artwork realized in two major phases on a wood panel. Phase 1 is a detailed academic charcoal drawing. In the phase two there is an overlay – in this case done in epoxy resin. The resin gives a tridimensional feeling and creates a strong contrast glossy vs. matte with the drawing which has a very velvet like appearance. The resin shapes are inspired by the cyanobacteria clusters present in the Bacalar lagoon (Mexico). About 3 billion years ago Cyanobacteria was the main contributor of creating the Oxygen component of the Earth atmosphere thus facilitating the birth of our world. However, in the same time, this process wiped out the previous ecosystem. A conceptual piece about death and rebirth, entropy, evolution and ecology.

This piece was part of the MBAMSH 9th Drawing Biennial in 2023. Available for sale – please inquire.