Project: “Living Geometry IV”

Art piece details:

Finished Artwork: 2023
Size: 48in/48in.
Technique: Mixed media installation consisting in a diptych. Oil color and vine charcoal drawing on acid free paper glued on two wood panels.

The drawing phase. In this case, a big academic study of large dimensions. The subject, a small thistle, is a biologic element that encompasses multiple significations. Besides the physical shape there is also the psychological component of the undesired, the disregarded.

The altering phase is the deconstruction of this living reality by adding geometric forms and letters in this case. The letter “I” symbolise the self, the person. Between all the colorful letters composing this geometrical composition, the one in center right sits apart. Painted in extreme black it suggest a portal, a divine element – in oneness with its multiple other human presences.

The principle of correspondence is present in this artwork, as well. Depending on the viewer’s personal experience/beliefs, the seed can also be interpreted as a stellar cosmic body or as a more ominous virulent biological entity (with reference to the traumatic pandemic experience).

The drawing phase with the “model” in the red circle.
“Living Geometry IV”, Montreal 2023

In the drawing phase, the piece was selected for the 9th drawing biennial of the MSH Art Museum, along with two other artworks.

Image taken during the 9th MBAMSH biennial.