Project: “Living Geometry 216”

Artwork details:

36in/48in. Charcoal on acid free cotton paper glued to wood panel.

[finished project]

As many of the artist’s work, it starts with an academic drawing. Nevertheless, expressionist in essence, the drawing is a reflection of a subtle, subconscious world – becoming abstraction reduced to the simplest forms of the artistic language: dot, line, field (usually simplified to a sum of triangles).


The drawing phase.

Second phase consist in the alteration of this living reality by adding geometric forms – here, reminiscence of an unbeknownst time machine eroded by the time itself. The alterations were done using dry pigments mixed with acrylic medium and gold leaf.

This piece was part of an exhibition in Venice, during the Biennale of 2022. Available for sale – please inquire.